The King’s Speech

I am just about to watch The King’s Speech with my parents. They always tell me not to watch any adverts for it before hand, which always greatly annoys me. However, I have found in the past it has been the best way!

This morning we went up the mountain together, however my camera doesn’t like the batteries I put in it, and so I wasn’t able to take any photos, other than the ones from my tiny camera on my phone (sad face). Just before we went to the biennial, I climbed this part with Amy and Dad. It was fun to go the other way with the rest of our family though!

I apologise for no post about the biennial. I have been very busy with homework and other obligations that I have not found the time to write. Sorry!


One thought on “The King’s Speech

  1. Enjoy Jonathan it’s a great film. Colin Firth’s (the King)mum was a speech and language therapist — best job ever! It’s a shame about your camera batteries, hopefully you’ll get new ones before too long My school friend Rosalind has been to see us today, wonderful. Hope to chat soon Lots of love and prayers Gran Sent from my iPhone


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