Birthday Party!

I just had one of the best birthday parties in the history of my life!

On Friday, once school had finished, a few teachers and the students in my class went go-karting. It was probably the best time I have ever had on that track, though at the end, the dude running it told me that I took the corners way too fast. Maybe he was right…

When that had finished, the boys came back with Dad and I, along with our homeroom teacher, Mr Tomlinson. We went out for Qoftë and salad and chips (or FRIES if you grew up “across the pond”). They sold non-alcoholic beer, and so we all tried some! It was surprisingly nice, but I found that I preferred it with Sprite. When we had finished the meal, we went home. Several of my friends said that they wanted a shower, and so they got them after we had gone and bought drinks. We watched a film, and then “went to bed” just before midnight. We split up, with some people on the hallway, and some in my room, and we talked until about four in the morning, when my dad came in and told us to go to sleep.

The next morning we went to the Stephen Centre, and then everyone dispersed from there…


8th Grade Celebration

Last night was the 8th grade celebration. It was one of the best evenings I have had in a long time! The food was excellent, and the “ceremony” was very interesting. Mrs Chappell was able to come and share some stories from EAL, since she is visiting at the moment from the States. Miss Jones told some very funny stories from her time teaching homeroom for us in 6th and 7th grade. Mr Tomlinson came last, and he was talking about the class as a whole, and how awesome it is. Many a photo was taken, but 97% on poor quality phone cameras, so I will post photos but they probably won’t be very good.

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We also had the play yesterday, and it was okay. We didn’t have that much time to practice, and considering that, we did very well! I, of course, looked as handsome as ever, even when wearing a mask…

Group Shot


My Dad’s parents are currently staying with us. They flew out on the 3rd, and will be staying with us for one week. I was able to watch their flight take off via one of my favourite websites, . I took a screenshot of their flight on the list, and also of their plane just after takeoff. I do not know what we have plans to do with them, though for the moment I am enjoying their company, and their smell. I know that sounds weird, but when I got home from school today, the house smelled of them. We also had a massive social studies test today, but that is another story…

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Our cat, Patch, gave birth yesterday, to four small kittens (could be worse, they might be something other than kittens…)! It was quite a surprise, since we weren’t expecting them until the summer holidays. However, they are still very cute! I refuse to name them until they survive their first week. As Mike says in Monsters Inc., “Once you name it, you start getting attached to it!”. For now, I am…er…having kittens about them while I am at school.

Here are a couple of photos, using a brand-new feature of my blog website:

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