Birthday Party!

I just had one of the best birthday parties in the history of my life!

On Friday, once school had finished, a few teachers and the students in my class went go-karting. It was probably the best time I have ever had on that track, though at the end, the dude running it told me that I took the corners way too fast. Maybe he was right…

When that had finished, the boys came back with Dad and I, along with our homeroom teacher, Mr Tomlinson. We went out for Qoftë and salad and chips (or FRIES if you grew up “across the pond”). They sold non-alcoholic beer, and so we all tried some! It was surprisingly nice, but I found that I preferred it with Sprite. When we had finished the meal, we went home. Several of my friends said that they wanted a shower, and so they got them after we had gone and bought drinks. We watched a film, and then “went to bed” just before midnight. We split up, with some people on the hallway, and some in my room, and we talked until about four in the morning, when my dad came in and told us to go to sleep.

The next morning we went to the Stephen Centre, and then everyone dispersed from there…


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