On Sunday, after church, we went out with the Thompsons to a place called Bunk’Art. It is amazing ! As we drive up the road, on the left there is a small tunnel with Bunk’Art written on the top. When you go through this tunnel, you come out in an car park that seems like it is in the Forest of Dean or something! It was a military installation, but they have converted the old bunker to a museum. We went in, and it was quite scary to see everything underground. Before we went in, we had a picnic, however, I had an allergic reaction triggered by the grass we sat in, and so I didn’t enjoy it quite as much.

Pictured below is the entrance into the bunker itself.



One thought on “Bunk’Art

  1. This looks both fascinating and horrendous all rolled into one. Really sad about your allergy too, you certainly have my sympathy but hang in there, we do grow out of it — I promise!

    Pops and I have been busy moving shrubs in the back garden, Judith gave us a new one, hence the work. I think you’re very lucky, you have the garden but no work for you involved!!!

    I do hope this week is going well. Your Mum says there’s no homework set this week, that must make the evenings delightfully long and enjoyable, think I’m envious, it’s so cold here, truly.

    Hope we get to chat at the weekend,

    Lots of love


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