Activity Week

This is the last week of school, and so it is activity week. It has been so fun! On Monday, we went swimming as a middle school to an amazing place just south of Tirana. They have a wonderful slide, and so much of our time was spent coming up with different ways to slide down it.

On Tuesday, we just hung out at GDQ. We played games outside on the field in the morning, and had an ooblek battle. Ooblek is just cornstartch and water mixed together, but it makes a really strange substance that is liquid, but hardens when you try to punch it, and then liquifies again when you rest your fist on it. We all got really messy! Still, Miss Thomson was standing by with the hose!

Wednesday was water day, and because we are eighth graders, we had the activity at the end when the eighth grade class lies on the grass with bottles on their foreheads, and the other classes try to get water into our bottles by squeezing a sponge over them. As you would think, we all got rather wet! The free-for-all at the end didn’t go as planned, but was still very fun!

Thursday was amazing. We met up at the Stephen Centre in the morning for breakfast, and then the worship team met for practice at the Instituti. After we had practiced, we went for lunch at Big Bites, which is just over the road. When we had eaten, we met up with the rest of middle school at a field in the Blloku. We played football until about 2pm, and then I cycled across town with Miss Leonard back to school. We arrived ahead of everyone, and so I had time to do my end-of-year sentimental walk around the school. After school was over, I stayed behind and sat in the Literacy room, our old homeroom, and just thought – it was fun!

Friday was the Spring Fling. The worship team led…er…worship at the beginning, but other than that, I had no involvement in the program at all. It was nice to have a final day together, especially since I will be going to high school at the end of the summer.

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