The Return to the Land of Eagles

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Well, I am now back in Albania, after getting in on the flight last night from London Gatwick. I really enjoyed myself in the UK, and I have uploaded some pictures, as you can see. I would really like to still be in the UK, but I am just glad that I had at least some time there this summer! I especially loved the cool temperatures (though apparently it was rather hot) and how green it was. I got a chance to go to Oxford with my Dad on Monday and Tuesday, though the train journey back was…er…interesting, stopping in London to see my uncle, and Hayward’s Heath to change trains, only to experience the avg.30 min delays due to an electrical fire at Gatwick train station. I got to see my maternal grandparents, albeit briefly, but I managed to get my phone sorted out while there! I will let the photos and their captions say the rest…


Drone flying!


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Today was the first day of my new drone, the Syma X5SC! I have had such fun flying it! It is surprisingly difficult to fly, so I was practicing my control in the back garden, and then earlier this evening, Dad, Grandpa and I went to the local Cricket Field (memories…), and flew it there. It has a camera, hence the photos above and the video below. I am excited to continue to learn to fly it (that sounded so much like Miss Jones) and to take it to Salisbury on Thursday – though perhaps out of reach of Copper, Gran and Pops’ dog!

Here is the video taken:



There is a great website that I use, called flightdiary. It enables you to add all of your flights that you have ever taken, and it will generate statistics, and a map. But the thing that I find so amazing about it is that all you have to do (normally) is enter the date of the flight, for example 8th July 2016, and the flight number, for example BA1472, and it would be able to automatically enter the info. In this case, it would tell you that the flight was from Heathrow to Glasgow at 7:15 am to 8:40, on an Airbus A321. It is truly amazing! The information it requires you will be able to find in the itinerary email sent by the airline when you booked the flight. Below is the link to my account. When you click it, the page you will be taken to is my profile page. The map has many different routes on it, in different colours. The darker the colour, the more common the route is. If a route is in white, it means that I have told the website that I will be on that flight, but I haven’t been on it yet, for example the line to Prague from Tirana, and  then Prague to Gatwick. However, if you view that site after Monday, all lines will be coloured because I have no upcoming flights entered to the website yet. It probably isn’t as complicated as I’m making it out to be…

Here is the link:

I’m coming!

On Monday, I will be flying out with Dad to the UK! We fly via Prague to London Gatwick. I fly back by myself, 10 days later. I will be staying with Dad’s parents, but in the middle I will go to Mum’s parents for three days. I am really looking forward to it! The cool weather, the cycle rides, seeing a Tesco’s and a Sainsbury’s, hearing English accents again – I might just go to a supermarket for the sake of hearing the cashier’s accent. Actually, just the sound of a self-service machine would be lovely!

An Insight into the life of a bachelor…

For the past week, Mum and Amy have been away in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, visiting Mum’s parents. This has left Dad, Rebekah, Sam and me at home by ourselves. It has been very fun! We have gone swimming a lot, and we even went to KFC on Thursday. However, I think the true mark that there were no women in the house (other than Rebekah) was that Dad, Rebekah and I used the same three glasses for almost the whole week! Another such mark is that Dad and I played World of Tanks together every evening, from about 20:00 to 21:30. We had some fairly decent battles together! He is getting better at driving light tanks, however I am still a very poor Tank Destroyer commander. Yesterday, we went swimming in the morning with Murray, and then we went to the Cotters’ house for lunch, before returning home for the rest of the late afternoon and early evening. We picked Mum and Amy up at 20:30, however Sam didn’t come. ‘Twas a brief insight into the life of a bachelor, but one I will never forget…

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