An Insight into the life of a bachelor…

For the past week, Mum and Amy have been away in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, visiting Mum’s parents. This has left Dad, Rebekah, Sam and me at home by ourselves. It has been very fun! We have gone swimming a lot, and we even went to KFC on Thursday. However, I think the true mark that there were no women in the house (other than Rebekah) was that Dad, Rebekah and I used the same three glasses for almost the whole week! Another such mark is that Dad and I played World of Tanks together every evening, from about 20:00 to 21:30. We had some fairly decent battles together! He is getting better at driving light tanks, however I am still a very poor Tank Destroyer commander. Yesterday, we went swimming in the morning with Murray, and then we went to the Cotters’ house for lunch, before returning home for the rest of the late afternoon and early evening. We picked Mum and Amy up at 20:30, however Sam didn’t come. ‘Twas a brief insight into the life of a bachelor, but one I will never forget…

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One thought on “An Insight into the life of a bachelor…

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Really sorry to have missed skype earlier — my laptop was off etc. It’s v strange without Amy and your Mum here this morning but I guess they’re v happy to be home.

    Love the insight story, has Mum seen it???? Photos are ex too. I’ll aim to get my photos off to Mum and those in my camera scan into this machine in order to send — I’m always very slow at doing this.

    We’re v excited at the prospect of having you with us at the end of next week. Pops will sort out a bike for you once your Dad has sent him the measurement details, sadly we no longer even have Pops’ old bike! Travel arrangements can be sorted nearer the time.

    Time to go raspberry picking at the allotment, should be loads by the time you’re with us, hooe you like them.

    Lots of love


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