There is a great website that I use, called flightdiary. It enables you to add all of your flights that you have ever taken, and it will generate statistics, and a map. But the thing that I find so amazing about it is that all you have to do (normally) is enter the date of the flight, for example 8th July 2016, and the flight number, for example BA1472, and it would be able to automatically enter the info. In this case, it would tell you that the flight was from Heathrow to Glasgow at 7:15 am to 8:40, on an Airbus A321. It is truly amazing! The information it requires you will be able to find in the itinerary email sent by the airline when you booked the flight. Below is the link to my account. When you click it, the page you will be taken to is my profile page. The map has many different routes on it, in different colours. The darker the colour, the more common the route is. If a route is in white, it means that I have told the website that I will be on that flight, but I haven’t been on it yet, for example the line to Prague from Tirana, and  then Prague to Gatwick. However, if you view that site after Monday, all lines will be coloured because I have no upcoming flights entered to the website yet. It probably isn’t as complicated as I’m making it out to be…

Here is the link:



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