Drone flying!


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Today was the first day of my new drone, the Syma X5SC! I have had such fun flying it! It is surprisingly difficult to fly, so I was practicing my control in the back garden, and then earlier this evening, Dad, Grandpa and I went to the local Cricket Field (memories…), and flew it there. It has a camera, hence the photos above and the video below. I am excited to continue to learn to fly it (that sounded so much like Miss Jones) and to take it to Salisbury on Thursday – though perhaps out of reach of Copper, Gran and Pops’ dog!

Here is the video taken:



One thought on “Drone flying!

  1. Wow that’s amazing Jonathan. Yes, please bring it with you on Thursday we can find alternative places away from Copper.

    Very glad to know you ‘landed’ safely!

    See you Thursday

    Lots of love


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