The Return to the Land of Eagles

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Well, I am now back in Albania, after getting in on the flight last night from London Gatwick. I really enjoyed myself in the UK, and I have uploaded some pictures, as you can see. I would really like to still be in the UK, but I am just glad that I had at least some time there this summer! I especially loved the cool temperatures (though apparently it was rather hot) and how green it was. I got a chance to go to Oxford with my Dad on Monday and Tuesday, though the train journey back was…er…interesting, stopping in London to see my uncle, and Hayward’s Heath to change trains, only to experience the avg.30 min delays due to an electrical fire at Gatwick train station. I got to see my maternal grandparents, albeit briefly, but I managed to get my phone sorted out while there! I will let the photos and their captions say the rest…


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