My Recent Life

Snails, coffee, textbooks, and economics papers. A summary of the last 50 days. High School has started, and I am really enjoying it! It is considerably more work than eighth grade, but we had soft teachers for our last year of middle school, so really the larger workload shouldn’t come as a surprise. Honours work is a new idea for me, since we don’t do it in middle school, or the UK. Basically, do 25% more work, and be rewarded with a 25% better grade (essentially – it is a bit more complicated than that.) English and Geometry honours are no problem at all, but biology and geography are proving a little more tricky. In fact, I am currently working on a book summary of Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt. I love working though, so I have almost no problem with working on the projects that are set.

One of the best parts of High School is that they introduced a coffee machine at the end of September. It is over-priced, and a bit too acidic, but it is coffee all the same. It works wonders on the human body. You know when God told Noah to get two of every kind of animal and get them into the ark? How do you think he managed that feat without coffee? Huh? Huh? And how do you think God managed to create the world in seven days without the marvelous coffee bean? He got his priorities straight. Light, water separation (necessary for the growth of coffee beans), land, then sun…BOOM, all the things you need for a steady coffee plantation. Perhaps they missed that part out of the bible…or I am “reading into the text” a little too much…

I opened this post with snails. a friend and I are currently occupying ourselves with the task of looking after seven lovely snails. They are wonderful little creatures…


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