The Weeks Before Christmas…

Two weeks until Christmas – yay!!! Though, really, I should spell it yea…

The last few weeks have been very fun…I think it is safe to say that they have made up some of the most fun school days I can remember. The basketball season has started, and while I suck, I really enjoy playing it and hope to improve as the season goes on. Cooking elective is also a blast, see the photos of our last bake below…

Last night, we had our team Christmas dinner – I ate too much during the meal, so I sadly didn’t have room after mother’s chocolate brownies and rice krispy cake things for Primrose’s lovely cookies. However, we brought home a bag full of them, so all is not lost…

Starting tomorrow, Monday, the last four days of school begin before Christmas! It is amazing to see how quickly Christmas has come, and how fast the beginning of ninth grade has gone for me. My paternal grandparents will be arriving on the first Wednesday of break, and will be with us for Christmas to the Wednesday afterwards – I am very excited!

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