New Year’s Eve!!!

Yay!!! Today is New Year’s Eve! It’s a great day, especially in Albania…Fireworks will be going off this evening from around 9 pm, and at about 11:45, it’ll start to get REALLY loud. Above is my contribution to the party! I also hope to fly my drone with the camera on it, and try and get some mediocre footage of the fireworks in and around the centre of town. That leaves around three hours from when I would normally go to bed, until the fireworks. In this slot, I hope to play World of Tanks with Father, since it seems like the opportune moment for some father-son bonding time. And how better to bond if it not be through online stressful computer games at 11pm?


One thought on “New Year’s Eve!!!

  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos and —

    Wishing you a VERY happy New Year, —

    When it comes!

    Lots of love


    Ps have just finished writing my sermon for tomorrow Matt. 2.13-23, joy of joys

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