I was looking through my camera roll the other day, and noticed that there are many photos that I might as well post on here. Three unrelated photos are below, simply because visuals are easier than words (especially when I take too many words to say a single statement).

In other news, we have our second basketball match tomorrow at the mansion pictured below, so that will be fun…

The Tirana International School Mansion (as I fondly know call it), the site of our basketball games
A failed attempt at a nice corridor-image looking up towards the mountain (From the Stephen Centre)
The parliament buildings with a mosque to the left and the clock tower behind (just because it isn’t that bad of a shot)

Finals Week

So today is Wednesday 18 January. I am midway through my first finals week of my life. Yaay…

On Monday morning, we started with our biology exam from 8:15-10:15. As I turned to the second page, a thought entered my mind: “huh. I should have studied more…” That was the most unpleasant thought that could have occurred. We had nothing yesterday, Tuesday, so I made some study guides for the two I have tomorrow, Thursday. This morning we had English, which seemed way too easy. I think I did something wrong. I finished it at 9:28, just over an hour after starting it, and went to go buy a basketball since our first game is a week from today, and I need the practice. Now I am just waiting for lunch and drama to roll around…

Trip to Durres

As previously stated, we went to a hotel in Durres for Friday night, taking advantage of the extra time off school. Here are some poor quality photos I took while there.

The hotel was just up from one that we had previously stayed at, Vila Verde. I couldn’t be bothered to scroll down my blog until I found the post I wrote about it…


No School!

A day after the Christmas break, the Ministry of Health ordered that all schools must be closed until the 9th in order to avoid a huge outbreak of the flu. I’m not complaining…We will be going away on Friday night to a hotel in Durres for a mini-holiday, but in the meantime, the teachers have still assigned us work. Lovely. I mean, we would be in school eight hours a day, but instead, we have three days off and a small amount of work to do, so I probably shouldn’t be complaining about that small work. I should also start seriously memorising my lines for drama, since the play is in less than two months, and I only have the first scene memorised. Yaaay…