No School!

A day after the Christmas break, the Ministry of Health ordered that all schools must be closed until the 9th in order to avoid a huge outbreak of the flu. I’m not complaining…We will be going away on Friday night to a hotel in Durres for a mini-holiday, but in the meantime, the teachers have still assigned us work. Lovely. I mean, we would be in school eight hours a day, but instead, we have three days off and a small amount of work to do, so I probably shouldn’t be complaining about that small work. I should also start seriously memorising my lines for drama, since the play is in less than two months, and I only have the first scene memorised. Yaaay…


One thought on “No School!

  1. Lucky you!!

    Actually sounds really grim for those who’ve actually got the flu, nasty.

    Enjoy your ‘home’-work

    Much love


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