I was looking through my camera roll the other day, and noticed that there are many photos that I might as well post on here. Three unrelated photos are below, simply because visuals are easier than words (especially when I take too many words to say a single statement).

In other news, we have our second basketball match tomorrow at the mansion pictured below, so that will be fun…

The Tirana International School Mansion (as I fondly know call it), the site of our basketball games
A failed attempt at a nice corridor-image looking up towards the mountain (From the Stephen Centre)
The parliament buildings with a mosque to the left and the clock tower behind (just because it isn’t that bad of a shot)

One thought on “Photos

  1. Well done you! Seems that like your ‘Gran’ you quite like pointing your camera and snapping what ever is in front of you — keep it up it can pay off!

    I’m now in Edinburgh with Paul, Reena and Annika. Flight was good, much quicker than expected.

    I know your Dad will be on his way to the UK tomorrow so hope all goes well for him and for you. Your Mum will be glad of your help that’s for sure. Enjoy your basketball match!

    Lots of love Gran

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