Romeo and Juliet

At the moment in English class, we are reading Romeo and Juliet and acting it out as we go. It is one of my favourite things that we have done in class! For example, today I got to avenge Mercutio by stabbing Tybalt. Then again, it was really getting to poke one classmate with a sword while another one rolled around on the ground in agony (he had been stabbed…)

Below are two photos from the balcony scene which we did in the rain on Friday. Miss Jones didn’t want the script to get wet, hence the pink umbrella. The other shot was meant to be me calling up to Juliet, but it didn’t really go so well…



One thought on “Romeo and Juliet

  1. O Romeo, Romeo — guess you needed to shout louder! It’s great that you’re acting as well as reading Shakespeare! Reena will be impressed when I tell her– I’m in Edinburgh once again until Friday. You may remember it’s a great place to be.

    I do hope your week is going well, much to do and think about. It’ll be great seeing you in March. Lots of love Gran

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