A Few Changes

It’s been ages since I’ve posted…but with good reason!

Since my last post in late February, several changes in my day-to-day lifestyle have occurred. Firstly, I have got back into reading quite a lot. Not as much as I used to when I was ten, but still more than has been customary for the last couple of years. My current read is a brilliant Tom Clancy novel called Red Storm Rising. It stands on its own (it isn’t part of a series) which means that I can then get on with some other books for school, like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (For English) and To Kill a Mockingbird (Also for English).

Secondly, school has got a lot better. Not only academically, but also the volleyball season has meant that I spend more time outside at break times, which is very fun. I have invested more time into biology, which has paid off on my grades – I’m set for an A this quarter…

Hope y’all are doing wonderfully as well. I’ll try and write again next weekend.