A Week of Cycling

Along with school and the Myers’-Briggs’ Type Indicator, cycling is one of my favourite things in life. We have had this last week off school so I have had the opportunity to do a lot of cycling! Below is a paragraph dedicated to each day over the last week and the cycling that I did on it.

Saturday 8 April: I cycled up the mountain to a restaurant where I met the rest of my family along with some friends, to a total of 15 miles. This screenshot is from the way down.


Sunday 9 April: I discovered an AWESOME new route up the mountain, and an even more awesome way down to a total of 17 miles.


Monday 10 April: I cycled around the city in some areas I haven’t been before and also up some roads with a wonderful tail wind, to a total of 13 miles.


Wednesday 12 April: I cycled out to TEG in the morning to stockpile ball-point pens, to a total of 11.5 miles.


Thursday 13 April: I cycled out on the old Durres road, but only got just past the second hamlet on the way since it was almost dinner time, to a total of 15 miles.


Friday 14 April: I just did a small cycle ride in circles around the centre of town – the most exotic place I reached was the beginning of the fast Elbasan road, to a total of 7 miles.


Saturday 15 April: Using back roads, I cycled out to the airport on a route Google Maps rated quite highly. On the way back, I didn’t fancy using ten miles of dirt roads again, so I came back on the main road to a total of 23 miles.


2 thoughts on “A Week of Cycling

  1. This is amazing master J. well done you!

    Since when have you been an MBTI fiend? Certainly a helpful ‘tool’.

    Hope the Easter bunnies remember to call tomorrow morning —

    with love


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