Our cat, Patch, gave birth yesterday, to four small kittens (could be worse, they might be something other than kittens…)! It was quite a surprise, since we weren’t expecting them until the summer holidays. However, they are still very cute! I refuse to name them until they survive their first week. As Mike says in Monsters Inc., “Once you name it, you start getting attached to it!”. For now, I am…er…having kittens about them while I am at school.

Here are a couple of photos, using a brand-new feature of my blog website:

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The King’s Speech

I am just about to watch The King’s Speech with my parents. They always tell me not to watch any adverts for it before hand, which always greatly annoys me. However, I have found in the past it has been the best way!

This morning we went up the mountain together, however my camera doesn’t like the batteries I put in it, and so I wasn’t able to take any photos, other than the ones from my tiny camera on my phone (sad face). Just before we went to the biennial, I climbed this part with Amy and Dad. It was fun to go the other way with the rest of our family though!

I apologise for no post about the biennial. I have been very busy with homework and other obligations that I have not found the time to write. Sorry!

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The Holiday!

The easter break is here! Today is Friday, 25 March. The break goes until Monday, 4 April. However, because of the ECM biennial, I will be on holiday until Saturday, 9 April! For now, I plan to sleep in every morning until nine, and then cycle in the afternoon. We are going up the mountain today just after lunch, and then I am trying to get some of my classmates to cycle together this evening. I also can’t wait until the biennial!

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Today was a very fun day. The classes were all very light, and I have a moderate amount of homework, but it is fairly easy, creating PowerPoint slides for Bible and English. We did the traditional “egg drop”, which is pretty much self-explanatory! The goal is to protect your egg as much as possible, for when it is dropped out a second floor (third floor, if you’re counting the ground floor as one) window! Ours wouldn’t have broken, except for the fact that I had just enough skill to drop it directly onto the fence, where it was impaled. It was still great fun though, partly because we were all standing without umbrellas in the torrential rain. The picture was taken in Homeroom, where Albin and Jilles had done some beautiful artwork on the board (Mr Barbour’s line: Jilles, that is how to kill a marker!). I love Mr Tomlinson’s beard and hair!2016-03-23_16.09.27[1]

A couple of markers died during the making of this photo. GDQ accepts no liability for these, and places all legal blame on the person or persons involved in creating the above image.

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Albin’s Party

12789759_244666615870521_1671610237_o.jpgToday was Albin’s birthday party. At Morning Meeting, the whole school sung to him, and then the day continued as normal. No one thought any more of it, until last period study hall. I came up from French class to see three of the guys in my class lugging massive bags of food and drink into our classroom. At first I thought it was for the Servant Leadership team, since they usually meet on Thursdays during study hall. But two of them informed me with much joy that it was for us! We sung happy birthday to him, and he cut the cake. We snacked on crisps and other goodies in a time usually meant for doing homework. Jilles has a birthday in April – let’s do it again!


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So, at the weekend, we went to Kosovo. It was great fun! It was my first time in KamenicĂ«, and the road that lead to it was very windy, and windy (both uses of the word)! We stopped just outside the capital for lunch, and we all ordered burgers. At Dan and Primrose’s house, I slept on the floor, with Amy and Sam. That have multiple consoles, so my evenings were spent being shown various games on the Xbox. They also had Just Dance, and so I found myself dancing to several old tunes!
We have had a three day week, but the weekend is welcome! On Wednesday, I aced my States test. We have the Capitals test on Monday, but I feel ready. Bring it on! Montgomery, Baton Rouge, Tallahassee…

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Kosovo again!

On Monday and Tuesday, we do not have school. Tomorrow, we are going to Kosovo for the long weekend, and will be visiting our friends up there. For Saturday night, we will stay in the same house that we have done before, with the wood fires and such. It is in Peja. We will head further into Kosovo, to a place called Carmenica, to see other friends. We will return on Tuesday night to Tirana, in time for school to start again on the Monday.
Aside from this, we were given our parts in drama today for the play. The play is Zorro, or The Curse of Capistrana. I have been given the main character, Zorro. It is going to be a lot of fun! I get to duel with two of my classmates…

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