This morning, I led devotions for my class. I was talking on the subject of ‘Jesus the Lamb’. It wasn’t bad, but there is definitely room for improvement! At break time, football was epic! I did a great clearance, that Johnny shot right back, hitting me at 1.5 metres, on my left shoulder. Jin Seok made an excellent kick that went from his goal, brushing the overhead net, straight to the opponent’s goal. Unfortunately, it rebounded centrally off the crossbar! A wasted opportunity, in which physics is to blame…


The new month is here, which means one step closer to the lovely summer!

It also means one step closer to horrible mozzies, swelteringly hot days, and sweaty nights. But I am not that pessimistic, so I don’t think about that stuff. I am not sure why I am writing this, but it is nice to excersize my fingers.

Mountain Trip 009

Stephen Centre

It is rather unlike me to take photos of objects, but, in this case, I had my bible and my camera, and they provided the flower.

This photo was taken two weeks ago, on the 16th February. It was taken in the Stephen Centre, which is the international cafe/restaurant. They do the most awesome french toast…